Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Toy (version 2018)

  • Price : £14.99
Model:Original  |  Style Name:Original Blaster only

Product Description

Take aim with the Nerf Dog tennis ball blaster, high-powered blasting action launches your dog's favourite fetching tennis ball over 50 feet in the air. When your dog brings it back, stay in the game by placing the barrel on the tennis ball and pick it up hands-free. Launches ball up to 50 feet in the air. Unique safety features - internal mechanism and safety button make it safe for your hands. Hands-free pickup.

Box Contains

Dog Toy

  • Interactive dog toy launches your dog's favourite toy into the air
  • Ideal outdoor toy for the ultimate game of fetch
  • Features hands free pick up so there is no need for you to bend down and pick up the ball
  • Suitable for shooting across the park with the blaster can also be dialled back to go a shorter distance, ideal for playing in your own garden
  • Ideal toy if you are looking to exert less force on your shoulder as the blaster does the hard work for you
  • Compatible with all Nerf blaster balls