Play Interactive Motion Cat Toy, Mouse Electric Toy, Green ABS Cat Toy Teasing Automatic, Cat Kitten Catch Mouse Gaming Toy for Entertainment

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  • Material: Made of ABS. Durable and robust base, swivel design that boosts the cat's natural hunting instinct, more intense and more flexible to turn.
  • Unique Design: Unique 360 ​​° dome shape, durable design that can withstand the cat's fiercest raid, with automatic closure when the kitten is ready to take a nap. Suitable for playing with friends.
  • Application Area: Suitable for all cats, young and old. Used for pet entertainment, pet sports, toy hunting, interactive pets, pet toys, attracting cats and attracting them to play. Help make cats and make your friends and yourself more intimate. Includes interchangeable mouse and pen
  • Features: Non-skid and sturdy base is very light and can be transported. Sporadic "Peek a Boo" games can stimulate psychological and physical cats, as well as stimulate the cat's natural hunting instinct.
  • Size: 23 * 23 * 11cm / 9.4 * 9.4 * 4.3inch, tempting your cat to try to catch it by moving randomly between 6 different holes. Use the mouse and feathers for an interchangeable fun.