VICSPORT Cat Catnip Balls Toys, Cats Interactive Chew ball Toy for Kitten Kitty

  • Price : 8.99

1. Help Digestion: Plant ingredients promote absorption, bring rich vitamins, soothe the stomach, help absorb
2. Improving Wool Ball: Add catnip ingredients, daily maintenance to improve the body's hairball, does not hurt the stomach
3. Increase Exercise Volume: Appropriate supply, teasing cats while training cats, reducing the probability of cat obesity
4. Cat Toy: Cat's perfect catnip ball toy; catnip provides a playful energy and fun for the cat
Package Including: 2 * VICSPORT Catnip Ball Toys

  • High Quality: VICSPORT catnip ball is made of high grade catnip, making it safe for your cat to chew on and lick
  • Sticky & Rotatable: VICSPORT catnip ball toy has 3M glue in the bottom, can be firmly stick on everywhere, rotatable for your cat to play happy
  • Powerful Help: Catnip can help the cat to spit out impurities such as hair in the digestive tract, achieve gastrointestinal health
  • Increase Appetite: Catnip contains chlorophyll that cats can't synthesize. Effectively help cat supplement vitamin C, and increase appetite
  • Regulating Emotions: Chemicals released by catnip can stimulate the cat's pheromones, become excited, more intimate with the owner