10 Largest Dogs In The World

For most dog owners, their pets are the biggest part of their lives. They come before everything. Even if in their physical form, they’re fairly tiny, it’s their personalities that usually make them huge! But some dogs are actually, truly massive. From a dog that easily towers over you, and one that has the floppiest ears of all time, to one that could literally hulk smash anyone. Here are 10 of the largest dogs in the world!

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Zeus is the type of dog that if you’re just walking down the street and see him, you’re literally going to think that he’s a smaller horse. That’s just not us, that’s actually a question his owners get all the time! People genuinely wonder where his saddle is when they see him and others have even tried to put their small children on him! You might think that all that is a little exaggerated, but that’s not the case, Zeus is actually massive! From his toes to shoulders, he measured an impressive 44 inches. To put that into perspective how big that is for a dog, that’s about the same size as a donkey! And that’s when he’s on all fours!

When Zeus stands upon two legs, he’s almost 7 and a half feet tall, so he could easily tower over anyone! And all that size doesn’t come on its own, Zeus weighs an impressive 155 pounds! To keep that massive weight up though, he eats 30 pounds of dog food every single day! That’s the amount that most dogs would eat in a month! His size was so impressive that he even set a world record for it in 2012!


Coondogs aren’t typically the dog you think of when we’re talking about the “largest” dogs in the world, so you might be surprised to see one on this list, but Lou isn’t like all the other coondogs, she’s special. Even though Lou’s owner had had her for a really long time, it wasn’t until she was extremely bored under lockdown that she decided that she was going to measure her astronomically long ears, and when she did, she was shocked. Each of her ears measured at 13 inches, combined giving her an “ear span” of around 30 inches! That’s bigger than the size of most dogs’ entire bodies!

When Lou is sitting upright, they don’t really look like they get in her way a lot, but when she walks, they end up dragging across the floor most of the time! It got so bad that in the snowy months, her owner actually puts an ear warmer on her head to keep them protected from the snow! Lou currently holds the Guinness world record for being the dog with the biggest ears ever recorded!

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