Chloe's Pet Services: Pet Spa & Vet Advertisement

Chloe’s Pet Services is an important offshoot of Chloe’s Closet Pet Boutique. Both these services are housed inside Taurus Centre, 24 Valley Road, Birkirkara, Malta and are built to state of the art specifics. All equipment is top quality as are our grooming products. Shampoos, coat treatments etc. are strictly European made. We know the factory and the way the products are made, using only natural ingredients. No alcohol, caustic soda or other damaging products are used. Our grooming tools are always being upgraded to better as are our techniques. We do not sedate animals. That is the responsibility of the owner. If a pet is aggressive we advise the owner to see the vet, who will in turn visit the animal and assess the feasibility of prescribing sedation. It is then the pet-owner who administers the sedation according to the vet’s advice. We do our best however to treat the animal without having to go through this process and many of our clients appreciate that while other groomers take 30 to 60 minutes for a grooming, we can sometimes take 2 hours or more – and we still charge the same! Even though we should charge a de-matting fee, we don’t. Our clients come back, because we are passionate about pets and our work is done with love, therefore super-value for money.