In Home Pet Services Franchisee Interview with Business Oxygen

Every Franchise Company will tell you about their support system. Very few would be bold enough to actually put their franchisees on a no holds bared interview, and put it up on–line for everyone to view.

That is of course unless you are actually walking your talk. This is exactly what Robyn Elman did when she had her In Home Pet Services franchisees interviewed by David Asarnow of Business Oxygen.

Several In Home Pet Services Franchisees got together to talk about their franchise experience and why they choose to invest in a pet franchise versus going it alone.

Participating on this interview were Eric & Stephanie from In Home Pet Services of Astoria, Heather from In Home Pet Services of Nassau’s Gold Coast, Lisa from In Home Pet Services of South Nassau, Danielle from In Home Pet Services of East Nassau, and Ruth from In Home Pet Services of Merrick.

In Home Pet Service Franchise is an award winning business based on Long Island and is now expanding their reach to New York City, Suffolk County New York, Westchester New York, New Jersey and Southern Connecticut.

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