Man dies after being gored at bull-running festival in Spain – The Guardian


Death of 55-year-old attacked in Onda is first such fatality since events resumed after Covid hiatus


Sun 31 Oct 2021 10.19 GMT

A man has died after he was gored at a bull-running festival in eastern Spain, the first such fatality in the country since events resumed after Covid-19 curbs were relaxed during the summer.

The 55-year-old, who has not been named, was repeatedly attacked by a bull at a festival in Onda, the town’s council said on Saturday. Other participants tried to entice the animal away but their efforts failed.

A wound to the man’s left thigh perforated an artery and he died in hospital in the nearby town of Villarreal. He also had a head wound.

Onda council cancelled all further bull running planned at the festival, which ends on Sunday. Other activities were not affected.

A public debate over whether bull-running festivals should be abolished has become more heated in recent years, and only a small number have taken place since Covid restrictions were lifted.

The animals let loose for the runs are generally used in bullfights later the same day. A 2020 survey by Electomania, a polling company, found 46% of Spaniards were in favour of banning bullfighting, 34% were not in favour but did not back a legal ban, and 18% believed it should be preserved.