WooferWiz Pet Services Business Apps

(video only, no audio) If you run a pet services business–grooming, walking, dog sitting–you probably love your work but not doing the bookwork. WooferWiz makes the business end of the business fast and easy!

Mobile apps for you and your customers send work details to your WooferWiz database on your PC, letting you manage appointments and more from your phone or tablet, throughout the day.

Let the database do the heavy lifting–confirm appointments and payments, add expenses, and run reports from your PC when it’s convenient for you.

No more work interruptions to take an appointment request, or voicemails to respond to after work. Customers love being able to see your schedule and make a request from their phones. Simplify your end of day routine–confirm appointments, check your schedule, review payments taken and that’s it! Time to RELAX!

Go to http://WooferWiz.com to find out more and download the demo. Give it a go!